Camp Oak Hallows

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Who We Are

Camp Oak Hallows is the mindmeld of montessori education and Hogwarts. Blending the nerdiness and love of Harry Potter with desire to create an educational haven, COH is a unique opportunity school providing the option to create your own schedule, course guidelines, and flexible deadlines. Residential and Daytime programs are available, COH is dedicated to offering diverse plans for success.

Support the Muggle Borns and come to camp!

The Houses

Serenity, Vitality, Alacrity, and Sagacity

Creating the houses for Oak Hallows was a whirlwind of brainstorming that ultimately gave us the houses we have today. They each have different principles and aesthetics, and are very unique.

Serenities love hot drinks, peace and quiet, and a good book.

Vitalities are forest wanderers and earth lovers.

Alacrities have strong friendships and faith.

Sagacities are dedicated to knowledge and discovery.

Together, they are Oak Hallows.

Making Camp Magic

As soon as minimum funding is met on our YouCaring, we will be inviting artists, nerds, and campers to come decorate camp and leave their mark on our home. From painting murals on cabin walls to hanging pictures in the Rec Hall, even to planting the first gardens, we want you and your creative passion!

Serenity House is: Maroon and silver, library-themed, warm and cozy.

Vitality House is: Forest and mint, nature-themed, cool and clean.

Alacrity House is: Gold and purple, dorm-style, fun and active.

Sagacity House is: Navy and black, space-themed, efficient and techy.

Submit your Camptastic art to [email protected] with your Consent to Adapt and Publish (a simple statement that we are allowed to use and print what you submit) so we can feature your art on posters!

What does camp need?


First and foremost, we need to money to construct camp in a thorough manner, and not skimp on comfort or safety. Camp Oak Hallows will be the permanent home of The Muggle Borns, all of our resources are being poured in for things that aren't even in the $500,000 budget that our YouCaring campaign is attempting to raise for May 2019.


Old textbooks, children's books, storybooks for all age levels, encyclopedias, dictionaries, everything you cleaned out of Grandpa's and sent into storage. Notebooks both used and filled WITH LEGIBLE COURSE NOTES. Empty sketchbooks are also appreciated.


Primer, latex, acrylic, metal.

Camp is all about color and light, and the difference between a plain wall and a mural is major in creating camp life and headspace.

What about building stuff?

We're glad you asked.


-Wooden Bunk Beds (twin top and bottom)

-Wooden Twin Beds (single bunk)

-Twin mattresses (plastic sealed)

-Mirrors (plain rectangles or ovals)

-Curtains (non-sheer)

-Low tables (round or square preferably)


-Classroom desks (MS/HS sized)

-Whiteboards (large or personal)

-Book shelves (freestanding or mounted)

-Ladders (slanted for propping against walls)

-Cabinets (freestanding or mounted)

-Lamps (desk or standing)

-Old televisions (we don't need big screens)

-Overhead projectors (the transparency-mirror-light kind)


-Wall-mounted Basketball Hoops (no freestanding)

-Small sheds or storage containers (wood or plastic)

-Wooden pallets (like for shipping or bulk stores)

-Volleyball net (with or without posts)

-Pots (planters, bowls, vases, boxes, wooden troughs, anything)


-Paper (printer, construction, butcher, notebook, wax)

-Craft supplies (scissors, glue, markers, crayons, pens, pencils)

-Internet accessible desktop or netbook computers (nothing fancy, just functional)

-Printers (nothing fancy, again, scanner-combos preferred)

-Extension cords and power strips (two and three pronged, sturdy)

-Light bulbs or cord/rope lights (for large spaces)

-Board and card games (used is fine!!!!!!!!)

-Bean bags, chairs, benches, all kinds of situpons

-Small tech such as dvd players, digital projectors and speakers

-Blankets (twin and queen preferred)


Who is welcome at camp?


The Muggle Borns welcome all students of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. The mission is, after all, to #MakeEducationAccessibleAgain.

The LGBTQ (especially Trans* and Non-Binary) community, POC (especially WOC) and Differently Abled persons are invited with open arms to take part in making magic for many years to come. We can't wait to help create and achieve, happily and healthily.

Why Us?

After over a decade of Girl Scout camp as both guest and staff, Virginia Gaffney has knowledge and skills tailored to the creation of the optimal program opportunity for kids like her - nerds.

Side by side with Kai Meador, there is no Camp Management team quite like this geeky pair. Passion for education and defending FAPE/ADA and otherwise challenged students brings together every ingredient for success.

The Big Budget


-Land <$250,000

-Construction <$250,000

--Main House $100,000

--Rec Hall $100,000

--Pool $10,000

--Shower and toilet facility $2,000


--Kitchen equipping <$5,000

--Cabin equipping <$8,000

--Power and water <$1,000

--Initial staffing fees <$5,000

--School equipping <$10,000

--Rec Equipping <$10,000


-Operation Expenses <$200,000

-Emergency Fund <$50,000

-Camp Gear <$2,000


-Final staffing fees <$5,000

-Winterizing <$4,000

What is "equipping"?

Making spaces livable, including:

-Installing safety features

-Plumbing and electricity

-Air conditioning and heating

-"Homemaking" with installed fixtures

-Basic supplies (such as toilet paper and first aid kits)

-Security features

-Accessibility features

-Fans, additional wiring, and essential outfitting.

What is "winterizing"?

Preparing the camp ground for the off-season, including:

-Strengthening security

-Shutting off plumbing to outer buildings, and preventing plumbing damage

-Shutting off power to outer buildings and preventing electrical damage

-Permanent moving of outdoor rec materials to enclosed spaces

-Grounds clean-up

-Building clean-up

-Disposal of large trash

-Delivery of recycling to a plant